Gordon Stannis

As co-founder of Twisthink, a Holland, Michigan-based design, technology and strategy firm, Gordon Stannis uses what he learned at CCS to assist Fortune 500 clients in achieving commercial success through innovation.

That's because Twisthink doesn't just satisfy a company's present needs; the team designs for the future.

"Fundamentally designers live in various futures," said Stannis, who majored in industrial design. "Some live in the near term future, some way out and some in between. But our minds are innately fixated on some time horizon - with the ability to see new patterns in the way we live, the ability to perceive unmet needs and to generate viable solutions. The 'CCS experience' taught me this."

Honored in late 2005 as one of the 50 Companies to watch in Michigan by the Edward Lowe Foundation, Twisthink combines the "art of technology" with "the science of design" to meet their clients' diverse needs, which include aspects of developing a product, portfolio or brand. The team collaborates with companies representing the home, transportation, workplace, healthcare, consumer electronics, military and recreation fields.

"Our team can literally design the look and feel, mechanicals and electronics of a product...from scratch," said Stannis. "This valuable combination leads to improved development speed and final product quality."

Large corporations aren't the only organizations benefiting from innovative design. As part of one project, the Twisthink team also designed the interior for the Boys and Girls Club Teen Center of Greater Holland as part of a yearlong pro bono project.

"Some projects inherently deserve to be done," he said. "The thought of design innovation being used to lure teens away from gangs is a big idea."

  • Graduation Year: 1987
  • Major: Product Design
  • Employer: TWISThink
  • Title: Partner

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