Bruna Camargo

Bruna Camargo admits to being a fan of “good” advertising. However, she refuses to create ads that are anything less than “great.” She is a copywriter at Doner and has worked with several of the agency’s clients including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Fiat, Pennzoil and Quaker State among others.
“As an advertising professional, my biggest goal is to influence people,” said Camargo. “Not necessarily for the purchase of products and services, but to influence popular culture, shape behavior and make people more aware of their surroundings—not just go through the motions.

“I was always into art and design as a kid, but had a fascination for the big ideas behind commercials and ad campaigns. Originally, I set out to become an art director, but during my junior year at CCS, my first copywriting teacher opened my eyes to my ease with words—it came a lot easier than design to me. I began to focus on writing and finished my college career with that in mind. When it came to branding myself, I found that I had an advantage due to the fact that there were more art directors than copywriters graduating in my class.”

What Camargo appreciates most about her career at Doner is the opportunity to focus on one aspect of her job at a time. She spends most of the day concepting and then the remainder of her time writing. Camargo has worked on several accounts at the agency and especially enjoys working with Chrysler.

“Chrysler’s tone is sophisticated, smart, and elegantly witty: a writer’s delight,” she said. “Plus, the client is very clear about what they want. And the best part? Bigger budgets. This allows my ideas to come off my notebook and be transformed into a piece of art (at least in the ad world).
“One of my biggest accomplishments has been producing two television spots from scratch—one for Jeep that was shot in Aspen, Colorado, and another for Chrysler that we shot in Los Angeles. The trip to Cali was my first shoot, and I couldn’t have been more proud to watch as an idea that my partner and I had was put into motion. Seeing it on the air was definitely the icing on the cake!

“I also really like new business pitches. I’ve worked on three since I’ve been at Doner, and I can tell you that a brand-new client with a brand-new vision is very fun to work on.”

While Camargo has found success working with some of the biggest automotive clients in the world, her role as a copywriter isn’t “easy” by any means. She credits the experiences she faced as a student at CCS for helping her confront challenges that arise.

“I’ve been challenged from a creative standpoint to produce ideas that are a precise translation from the creative brief,” she explained. “ It’s hard not to steer off the path for the sake of creative, and it’s even harder to be creative when a brief is so cut and dry. Also, dozens of rounds of revisions and lots of rejected ideas seem like a low blow at first, which is just something I’ve learned to deal with. And, of course, a schedule that includes inconvenient late nights and weekends is sometimes extremely rewarding, but can often times be very frustrating.

“Currently, we’re working on a big pitch for a Chrysler brand, trying to snag a better spot within their agencies of record (Doner currently does mostly Tier 2 work). It’s interesting because although it’s a brand I’ve worked on before, I must wear a different hat for this much bigger project. But I’m ready.
“As a student at CCS, I was thrown into the fiery trenches of the advertising world before I could even fathom the word ‘paycheck.’ I was my own account executive, creative, client and producer. I had to become a jack-of-all-trades in order to go where I wanted with my campaigns. And it was so real. We always heard the expression ‘in the real world,’ but honestly, that was as real as it could ever get.”

  • Graduation Year: 2011
  • Employer: W.B. Doner Advertising
  • Title: Copywriter

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