Gil Ashby

While pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree, Gil Ashby started creating illustrations professionally. His first job was an album cover for Arista Records. In the same year, he received his first certificate of merit from the Society of Illustrators, New York. Since then, his assignments have included editorial, children's books, graphic novels, murals and courtroom drawing. Ashby developed his passion for teaching while coordinating a portfolio preparation program at a non-profit arts program in Harlem.

The pictures that Gil Ashby creates are presented to the public on the wall, in print and more recently, via digital media. As an artist and teacher, Ashby has learned to follow his passions and to confront uncountable valleys necessary for continued growth. He creates bridges to reach the public and share his point of view through the pictures when preparation and opportunity
come together.

Drawing serves as the vehicle that feeds Ashby's soul and provides his spirit a window to transcend the walls that exist between the inner mind and actualization.
In May of 2011 Ashby was awarded Distinguished Educator of the Arts by the New York Society of Illustrators, after serving as Chair of CCS Illustration from 2001-11.
  • Title: Associate Professor

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