Cassie Clark

Cassie Clark creates structures and experiences that are temporary in physicality but live on in someone's memory and therefore live forever. By combining conceptualization and experiential form exploration through various mediums allows for the creation of dynamic and visually stimulating works of art. Deriving most of her inspiration from fine art allows for emotion to be translated into Clark's design solutions.

Clark is currently working at George P. Johnson designing exhibits, and experiential experiences for Motorola, Chrysler (Chrysler, Ram, Fiat, Jeep, Mopar, SRT, Dodge), Volkswagen, Lincoln, Taylor Swift and GPJ. Clark also has had the pleasure of designing the CCS booth for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundations Fighting AIDS) for the past two years, and exhibiting her work in Re/View, the CCS Alumni Show.

  • Title: Adjunct Faculty

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