Harvey Winn

Harvey Winn's career began in the Dodge studio at Chrysler Corporation. His significant contributions include working as part of the team that designed the now-classic '68-70 Dodge Charger.

He also named the Dodge Super Bee and designed the logo, which is still in use 38 years later on 2006 Dodge vehicles. Since then, Winn has worked in the Ford Design Center, as senior designer in the Special Projects Studio; on Ford racing vehicles and show cars; and in Ford's Industrial Design Office focusing on Ford Land Development design and presentation projects.

In 1974, Winn joined Burroughs Corporation as Manager of Small Computer Systems Design and then moved into the advertising field working for Ross Roy Advertising as a writer and producer of shows and business meetings for Chrysler Canada, Chrysler US and Chrysler International clients. He was promoted to Vice President, Creative Director and managed the Animation Group, as well as producing sales and service training video modules. In 1993, Winn became Vice President, Director of Communications for the Yellow Pages Publishers Association. He retired in 2001 and decided to take his extensive background and experience into the educational field, where he currently is an adjunct faculty member at CCS.

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