Pierre-Paul Andriani

From the time Pierre-Paul Andriani was a child growing up on the island of Corsica, he dreamed about creating cars. He earned a degree in engineering believing it would best help him achieve his goals. But after working as an engineer, he realized it was not the right fit. So, Andriani decided to explore another of his passions—art. He soon discovered this wasn’t the right career path either. Then, in 2002, General Motors contracted Andriani as an in-house sculptor. A match was made.

As a senior sculptor in interior components, he works on interior parts for global vehicles in collaboration with his colleagues in Europe and China. “Sculpture has been the perfect medium for me,” said Andriani. “It offers just the right balance between precision and creativity. As a sculptor, I take designers’ sketches and make them fit with engineers’ specifications. There’s a lot of problem solving involved, and it’s exciting to be able to leave your print on so many vehicles. We do sweat all the lines, all the angles and all the details. But when the car hits the streets, there’s no doubt that the attention to detail and craftsmanship is paying off.”

Some of Andriani’s career highlights have been working on the exterior of the Terrain and the interiors of the Chevrolet Volt, Cadillac CTS, XTS and ATS. He’s represented General Motors on visits to Washington, DC as well as delivered a presentation at the French Embassy about the changes in automotive design over the past century.

“I work, think and breathe cars all the time, so this career is like a dream to me,” he said. “In 2000, I started teaching classes and have been involved with the annual Michelin competition since 2004. Now I’m working with some of the seniors I used to teach!”

  • Adjunct Faculty

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