Dr. Michael Levens


Dr. Levens’ research has been grant funded in the United States and European Union and is focused on affluent consumer behavior and non-traditional bundling strategies. Dr. Levens has conducted more than 100 research projects throughout the world and has presented his research at conferences hosted by the American Marketing Association, Advertising Research Foundation, Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, Atlantic Marketing Association, Automotive Market Research Council, and the Canadian Marketing Association.


Dr. Levens is Chair and Professor of Marketing at Walsh College and author of Marketing: Defined, Explained, Applied, a marketing textbook adopted by over 150 colleges and universities, now in its 3rd edition published by Pearson. Dr. Levens is also a co-author of Business Administration Education: Changes in Management and Leadership Strategies published by Palgrave Macmillan

Educated in the United States and Australia, Dr. Levens holds a Postdoctoral Qualification in Marketing, Ph.D. in Organization and Management, M.B.A. and B.S. in Marketing. Dr. Levens is a Fulbright Scholar and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is active in the American Marketing Association and Mensa. Dr. Levens serves as a Fulbright Peer Reviewer and as a member of the Scientific Committee of the Journal of Economics and Culture. Dr. Levens has been appointed to four different boards of directors.

Significant publications/presentations/exhibitions/projects:

Levens, M. (2016). Marketing: Defined, Explained, Applied, 3rd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Levens, M. (2015). The effect of advertising on brand measures in a low involvement category. Economics and Culture, pending.

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Levens, M. (2014). The influence of academic research on industry practice when developing multi-country market segmentation methodologies. Economics and Culture, 10(1), 75-102.

Levens, M. (2013). Brand evaluation across age cohorts and ethnic groups: Convergence in the youth segment? Atlantic Marketing Journal, 2(1), 110-123. Available at: http://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/amj/vol2/iss1/8" href="http://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/amj/vol2/iss1/8" target="_blank">http://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/amj/vol2/iss1/8

Levens, M. (2012). Marketing: Defined, Explained, Applied, 2nd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Levens, M. (2012). Marketing to age cohorts and ethnic groups: A nexus in the youth segment? Atlantic Marketing Association, Williamsburg, VA.


  • PhD, MBA, BS
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • mlevens@collegeforcreativestudies.edu

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