Community Arts Partnerships Artists in Education

The Community Arts Partnerships Office (CAP) at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) has paid, part time teaching opportunities to work in our hands-on art making programs with Detroit kids.

CAP collaborates with Detroit community organizations to create art and design education, experiences, and resources  for local youth and families in support of individual and community development.

In support of this mission, CAP provides programs that foster positive youth development through visual arts  programs that are focused on skill development, self discovery, and self expression; bring education in art, design, and new technologies to youth in under-resourced inner-city communities; inform young people about career and educational opportunities in the visual arts and design; and bring the arts to bear in the re-development of the city of Detroit and its diverse neighborhoods and communities.

CAP has provided after-school art programs throughout Detroit's inner city since 2001 and worked with more than 40,000 students.  Artists from CCS and the community are trained and placed in a wide variety of programs serving predominately low-income, minority students from inner city elementary/middle schools and community centers. Programs are hands-on art making with custom art, craft, and design curricula.

We are looking for Artist-Instructors with the following qualifications:

  • Interest – Why do you want to work for CAP? Why do you want to teach?
  • Experience – Have you taught, worked with children, and/or written your own lesson plans/curriculum before?
  • Availability – Our classes primarily take place between 2pm and 7pm weekdays. How does your schedule fit with this?
  • Communication – We are looking for people that are strong, effective communicators. How do you communicate best?
  • Teamwork – Our programs are team-taught. How well do you work with others?
  • Dedication – Teaching requires planning and research. Are you willing to go above and beyond?
  • Organization – Teachers must keep accurate paperwork, records, and maintain orderly areas. How do you keep yourself and others (students) organized?
  • Technology– Our primary methods of communication are email and phone. Are you reliably accessible via both?
    • We are also active on Facebook and have a Blog – do/will you check these regularly?
  • Strengths – What specific strengths/talents do you have to offer our team? What skills are you equipped to teach?

Send all inquiries & applications to CAP Coordinator via email

Each application should include a 1 page cover letter & 1 page resume.

We will schedule a (professional & teaching) portfolio review & interview after receipt of previously listed documents.

*The application deadline to be eligible for possible summer positions & our annual Fall training is May 31st*

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