Interdisciplinary Design

Master of Fine Arts

Best Grad Schools 2013Today, creative leaders face challenges that are increasingly more complex, multi-faceted and globally driven.



Today, creative leaders face challenges that are increasingly more complex, multi-faceted and globally driven. Talent alone cannot respond to these challenges. Corporations are building teams of high-performing designers with diverse skills in 2D, 3D and interactive design to deliver solutions that drive business results – solutions that are interdisciplinary in nature, utilizing an effective combination of strategic thinking and creative execution capabilities. There are many graduate programs called ‘interdisciplinary’ –with some programs focusing predominantly on design strategy and critical thinking, others on the creative execution – the making of conceptual and beautiful work. Still others offer its students the opportunity to self-select a combination of different mediums or disciplines for study.

At CCS, our Interdisciplinary Design program seamlessly integrates all of these crucial approaches. Our curriculum is unique in the specific way it integrates multiple disciplines - business practices, research methods and advanced creative skills in 2D, 3D and interactive disciplines - into the classroom to prepare students for professional success. As a graduate student, you will study the marketing fundamentals and practices specifically tailored for the design strategist or entrepreneur. You will be immersed in both quantitative and qualitative market research to explore design ideas and to better understand the impact of design on people and the environment. You will learn to identify relevant trends and build future scenarios in search of innovative opportunities. Most importantly, you will translate these learnings into creative ideas that integrate an interdisciplinary approach for execution through studio projects that are sponsored by industry. Designed to mirror real-life business challenges and the dynamics of a professional studio, these projects are team-based and competitively structured.  The design problems are complex requiring an interdisciplinary team to complete rather than the isolated work of individual designers. Finally, through the Masters Thesis, you will have the opportunity to work with academic and professional advisors to complete an original body of work that is the culmination of your graduate studies at CCS.

Works of successful designers are rarely accomplished in a vacuum or the result of an intuitive leap of faith. Through the Interdisciplinary Design program, you will understand how design can impact key business decisions and, as an interdisciplinary designer, how you can play a key role in generating and shaping ideas from the very beginning through execution.



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