Art Education Mission Statement

The Art Education program at CCS combines an internationally recognized BFA degree with dynamic and innovative teacher preparation courses. In keeping with the CCS mission of producing the finest artists in their respective fields, the Art Education Department prepares teacher candidates to be leaders in diverse educational communities and beyond through a rigorous professional program in content and pedagogy that fosters a love of teaching and learning, understanding of learner-centered needs, and mastery of studio/classroom best practices.

Our Philosophy

Commitment, Leadership, Service, Reflection

The CCS Art Education Department takes its charge from the commitment to educate artists and designers to be leaders in their fields coupled with a solid foundation of community service. We are an art and design-based education program that believes the future of our nation is embedded in the creative minds of our students and their ability to lead the next generation. As a National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) accredited college, we prepare visual art education candidates that are: highly skilled and knowledgeable in their studio of choice, technologically trained, and highly qualified to meet the Michigan entry-level teaching standards.

We believe our students should be as equally skilled in art and design as they are in the pedagogy of teaching. Moreover, teachers in the content areas must be prepared to teach the breadth of their specialty; in the field of art and design that includes the history, philosophy and analysis of art, as well as the creative process. Further, art educators must be knowledgeable across the curriculum. They must be well versed in the history and philosophy of education and understand how it relates to their own practice. We believe our teacher candidates must be prepared to teach all student populations including the full range of physical, social, and academic needs.

Additionally, we believe our teacher candidates must have early and continuous hands-on experiences throughout their professional program in a myriad of educational environments serving public and private pre-K-12 institutions. Likewise, learning through service to the community is fundamental to our program.

Pedagogically, we believe that a complete education is constructive in nature. We encourage open dialogue amongst students and faculty. Our courses are sequentially designed to build knowledge about teaching blended with the artistic skills, techniques and philosophies of Individual studio majors and culminating in directed teaching.


CCS Art Education students will be prepared to design and deliver age appropriate K-12 visual art and design curricula that address the needs of a rapidly evolving technologically based society, as well as understanding the underpinnings of visual art as a corner stone in the American education system.

CCS Art Education Candidates will meet the State of Michigan Standards for the preparation of teachers including: The Teacher Preparation Entry Level Standards and Proficiencies, the Visual Arts Education (LQ) Standards, and Standards for Reading Instruction.

Beyond the academic curriculum, Art Education majors will engage in service to the community as artists/educators resulting in future community leaders.

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