Fiber Design Hero

Nabeela NajjarThe Fiber and Textiles program is influenced by art, design, craft, and technology. Students of this field acquire technical and conceptual skills to create objects informed by materiality, purpose, and the sense of touch. A wide range of technical processes and topics include: weaving, dyeing, screen printing, embellishment, surface design, felting, sewing, quilting, garment construction, knitting, crochet, laser cutting, digital print and pattern design.

Students are encouraged to discover new ways of working through material experimentation. With the guidance of faculty, students develop an individualized language of color, pattern, and texture both planar and sculptural in form. Traditional and non-traditional methods of creation, and an interdisciplinary approach to technology (fabrication and production) are integrated into the program. 

Many Fiber and Textiles graduates go on to work as textile designers or color and material designers for large corporations or small studios, while others create artisanal craft objects or fine art. Students develop a strong understanding of the field and its connections to art and industry as critical thinkers, artisans, and creative problem solvers.


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