Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design

Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design Hero

Whether for large-scale projects or small-scale work such as earrings and bracelets, metal is flexible. There’s a reason more students minor in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design than in any other CCS department. Working with metal gives students who may work primarily in two dimensions the chance to get their hands dirty forging iron, molding copper, and shaping silver into functional and art objects. Plus, it challenges the imagination in ways that can complement numerous vocations.

And CCS is one of only two institutions in the United States to offer significant undergraduate course work in blacksmithing.

Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design students make ornamental objects, such as knives, vessels, jewelry and other small-scale work, as well as architectural elements, such as gates, grills or railings. Students can also create sculptural work in both areas.


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