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We live in a highly visual culture. A designer's challenge is is to cut through the clutter and make way for fresh, innovative ideas.

Communication design is a creative process that uses design, art and technology to communicate something meaningful.

Virtually every message you see has been influenced by a graphic designer in some way. From the typography you see on products to moving graphics on the computer screen to a brochure that can be held in your hand, communication design is everywhere.

CCS's Communication Design program will help strengthen your design and research skills and develop your ability to use a variety of media in creating engaging communications. The program focuses on design planning; symbol, logo and identity systems, editorial design, book design, media design, interaction design, motion graphics, package design, environmental design, advertising design and experience design.

What Sets Us Apart?

Strong Media Skills
Design is changing quickly. Combined with strong design and research skills, our students develop the ability to use a variety of media in creating engaging communications. These include:

  • Motion media
  • Title sequences for movies and television
  • Interactive media for Web and touch surfaces like smart phones and iPads
  • Interface design for devices that include phones, computers and other digital devices

Experience Design
Our program was one of the first to include courses in “experience design,” which is designing experiences using motion media, interaction design and smart devices (phones and tablets) to create messages that link together a range of experiences. Courses in experience design prepare students for a future reality, where messages move, talk and ask the user to experience a unique exchange. View our gallery for examples of “experience design.”

Leadership in Design
The curriculum prepares students to be leaders in the design profession. By working as a team, students enhance their critical thinking while developing conceptual, media and visual skills. When our students graduate they are quickly propelled into leadership roles.

Representative Career Choices

Editorial Design
Environmental Design
Information Design
Interactive Design
Package Design
Publication Design
Web Design

Contact Us

Communication Design Department
T. 313.664.1645
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Department Chair
Susan LaPorte 
T. 313.664.1646

Communication Design Department Videos

Previous Internships

Our students have interned at more than 100 companies and studios all over the country!

Altair Product Design
American Graphic
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Art Van Furniture
Big Communications
Brand Labs
CCS Marketing
Chrysler Financial
Chrysler HQ
Clear! Blue
Clear Magazine

Detroit Media Partnership
Driven Solutions
Entertainment Publications
EPK Design
Foote Cone & Belding
Fox 2
Green Sky Creative
Group [eX]/Buffington Associates
Henry Ford

Hour Media
Lovio George
Magnani Continuum
McConnell Creative
Mouth NY
Neal Davis Gallery
Northridge Church
One of Us Films
Orlans Associates

Progress of Design
Rockwell Group
Stardust NYC
Taoti Enterprises Inc.
Team Detroit
The Scarab Club
Trent Design
Urban Outfitters
Way Creative
Wayne State University
Zoyes Creative Group

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