As a creative person, you’ve probably realized by now that great works of art don’t happen by chance. They all begin with that initial concept, an idea so intriguing that it motivates you to act. But where do you take it from there? That’s where we come in. CCS is more than a college. Inside our walls, you’ll discover a place where the creative spirit soars. Our students become immersed in an environment where art is more than something you do or study. It becomes a way of life.

Come discover CCS. The people you meet will help you become a better artist or designer, and your ideas will grow in ways you never imagined. Let us show you how.

The first step is applying. Find out what is required and all about the admissions process through the pages in this admissions section.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

201 East Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202


The College for Creative Studies supports the ease of transfer for students who have attended a community college. The objective is to aid students toward their goal of earning a bachelors degree from CCS and to provide a smooth transition that minimizes loss of credit and duplication of coursework.

Equivalency Guides

If you are interested in transferring to the College for Creative Studies, our equivalency guides may provide you with helpful information on what will transfer from local institutions.

Articulation Agreements

The College for Creative Studies has entered into the agreements with other institutions to easily facilitate transfer credit. View articulation agreements to find out if your institution is on the list.

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