Meet Our Students

Get to know some of our students. Up close and personal. 

  1. Leah Wendzinski
  2. Tara Kurtzhals
  3. Robert Paris
  4. Terrell Shaw
  5. Brittany Nassar
  6. Maria Leone
  7. Recent Alumni

Leah Wendzinski

Class: Senior
Major: Communicaion Design (Graphic Design)
Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Tara Kurtzhals

Class: Junior
Major: Entertainment Arts
Hometown: Trenton, MI

Robert Paris

Class: Freshman
Transportation Design
Harrison Township, MI

Robert talks about adjusting to college life and what he wants to do with his future.

Terrell Shaw

Class: Sophomore
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Sophomore Terrell Shaw gives a snapshot of campus life at CCS and describes what it's like to be at the heart of a creative movement in the city of Detroit. 

Brittany Nassar

Class: Junior
Major: Illustration
Hometown: Miami, FL

Junior Brittany Nassar talks about the freedom to create and find your path at CCS.

Recent Alumni

Info: Before graduating, Dong, Glenn, and Jordan were profiled by the college. This series of videos shows the student's progression through their senior year at CCS and what their thoughts were as they prepared to enter the workforce.


Jordan Recchia

Michelle Tanguay

Michelle Tanguay

Class: Junior
Major: Fine Arts
Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Junior Michelle Tanguay talks about how CCS taught her to think of art and artistry in ways she'd never dreamed of before.


Sean Doerr

Sean Doerr

Class: Senior
Major: Photography
Hometown: Wayne, MI

Senior Sean Doerr talks about his upcoming thesis project and his hopes that his photos documenting a city's struggles will create a lasting impression.

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