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community+public arts:DETROIT (CPAD) brings communities and the arts together to produce high-quality public art projects and events that support neighborhoods in developing and expressing their unique character and potential through the arts. CPAD projects reach beyond the typical arts audience; involve neighborhoods in unique ways; and engage with their sites, taking into account specific communities, the environment, and their political and social histories. Founded out of the Community Arts Partnerships office of the College for Creative Studies, CPAD is uniquely structured to produce work that is artistically authentic and significant, while being truly community-driven and addressing specific community needs and opportunities. It is in the intersection of art and grass-roots community engagement that CPAD and its projects are unique. CPAD seeks to provide an ongoing infrastructure and resources to support the arts in community engagement and development into Detroit’s future.

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April 14, 2015
CPAD April 14

April 15, 2015
CPAD April 15

April 21, 2015
CPAD April 21

April 23, 2015
CPAD April 23

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