Toyota Lecture Series


The Toyota Lecture Series in Design was established through a generous $1 million endowment gift to the College for Creative Studies from Toyota Motor Company. The endowment is used to bring prominent designers and scholars in all fields of design to speak at CCS.

Previous Toyota Lecturers include Hideichi Misonom, Shiro Nakamura, Alexander Gelman, April Greiman, Wahei Hirai, Kevin Hunter, Syd Mead, Daniel Pink, Karim Rashid, Chris Lefteri, Matthew Crawford, Stephen Burks, Stefan Sielaff, Kyle Cooper, Ezio Manzini and Min Wang.

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"Designing for the seams: rethinking the value of seamless to create better physical and digital in-betweens in transportation"

Devin Liddell
Principal Brand Strategist, TEAGUE

Devin leads TEAGUE's brand strategy practice, working collaboratively with clients such as Allianz, Boeing, Intel, JW Marriott, Microsoft, Nike, and Starbucks to create belief-driven innovations and consumer experiences. With more than a decade of experience in brand strategy and design, Devin has worked across a broad spectrum of industries: aerospace, higher education, software/technology, food and beverage, and retail; some of his past clients include Amazon, GE, Nordstrom, Seattle Symphony, and Viacom. He’s a frequent contributor to Fast Company, and he teaches regularly at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle.

Matt McElvogue
Associate Creative Director, TEAGUE

Matt collaborates with designers, programmers, and hackers on future-focused prototyping projects for clients such as Acura, AT&T, GE, Samsung, Honeywell, Intel, Target, Siemens, Starbucks, Hyundai, Panasonic, Logitech, and Microsoft. An interdisciplinary thinker and practitioner, Matt has worked in a variety of industries, including: automotive, commercial aviation, consumer technology, gaming, and industrial engineering.


Makram El Kadi, Principal & Founder, L.E.F.T

Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 6pm
Hosted by Doug Kisor, Professor of Graphic Design


Stefan Siegel, Founder, Not Just a Label

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 6pm
Hosted by Aki Choklat, Associate Professor and Chair of Fashion Accessories Design


Joe Baratelli, Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 6pm
Hosted by Mark Zapico, Associate Professor and Chair of Advertising Department



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Past Lecturers

Louise Fili
Hideichi Misonom
Shiro Nakamura
Alexander Gelman
April Greiman
Wahei Hirai
Kevin Hunter
Syd Mead
Daniel Pink
Karim Rashid
Chris Lefteri
Matthew Crawford
Stephen Burks
Stefan Sielaff
Ed Fella
Kyle Cooper
Ezio Manzini
Min Wang
Glenn Shrum
Tim Flattery

David Gibson
Massimo Ferragamo
Ken Walker
Stefan Sagmiester
Cynthia E. Smith
Walter Hood
Marco Susani
Leo Espinosa
Neville Page
Gordon Bruce
Chris Pullman
Matthew Crawford
Brian Connelly
Scott Robertson
Toshikatzu Koyiashi
Jon Calame
Damon Rich
James Carpenter
Aki Choklat

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