CCS Entertainment Arts alumna and 3D Modeler at Ustwo Gaming in London featured on 80 Level

Check out this post on 80 Level by recent CCS Entertainment Arts graduate Danette Beatty, who is currently employed by ustwo™ video game company in London.
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CCS MFA Graduates Score Jobs at Top Firms

Each year, students in the College for Creative Studies’ four MFA programs — Color & Materials, Integrated Design, Interactive Design and Transportation Design — can look forward to securing post-graduate jobs with top employers around the world.
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Schock Hero

Watch Me Work: Stephen Schock, Associate Professor, Product Design

When Stephen Schock talks design, his speech becomes staccato: each sentence is an excited declaration, punctuating his thoughts on the importance of process and the two-way street that is teaching. It would be easy for you to make the leap that it’s all made up, spur of the moment.

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Communications Design Welcomes Over 50 Alumni for First Alumni Mixer

The Communication Department (Graphic Design) hosted it's first Alumni Mixer event with over 50 alumni.
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CCS Fine Arts alumnus Kevin Beasley exhibiting at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles

CCS Fine Arts alumnus Kevin Beasley showing his work in the prestigious Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California.

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Schefman Hero

"Focus on Faculty: Sabbatical Exhibition" open Friday, November 18, 6-8pm

Focus on Faculty: Sabbatical Exhibition presents new bodies of work by CCS professors who have recently been on sabbatical. Including sculpture, painting, graphic design, photography and literary work, the exhibition shows the multidisciplinary strength of the CCS faculty.
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Earth Sky

Earth Sky Bed Table opens in CCS' Center Galleries Friday, November 11

Join us tomorrow evening for "Earth Sky Bed Table," an earthwork installation that brings the comfort of the earth and the mystery of the sky into CCS's Center Galleries by artists Mira Burack and Kate Daughdrill. Opening Ritual Reception: 6-8 p.m. Silent meditation and plant ritual to begin at 6:30. Please arrive by that time.
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Kresge 2016

2017 Kresge Artist Fellowship Application is Open


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Thursday, November 11, CCS welcomes NYT art critic Holland Cotter

CCS welcomes New York Times art critic Holland Cotter for the next Woodward Lecture

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FAD Shumake M 2

9 Fashion Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

Accessories make up a big part of a person’s style, and there are people who focus their careers entirely on these important little details. In fact, did you know you can go to school solely for fashion accessory design? The College For Creative Studies in Detroit offers a Bachelors of Fine Arts in the subject.

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CCS alumni in group photography exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts

The photographic exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts, 'Detroit After Dark: Photographs from the DIA Collection' is a must see AND it's chock-full of CCS alumni!
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Kim Harty

Watch Me Work: Kim Harty, Assistant Professor and Crafts Section Head of Glass

Watching Kim Harty in CCS’s glass studio is a little like the first time you saw a magician levitate someone or cut a person in half. You figure the fix is in, but you’re caught up in the game anyway. In the hot shop, Harty’s meditative gestures coax a small pyramid-shaped vessel from what had been a shapeless lump. The process is mesmerizing.
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Reiko Sudo

CCS welcomes textile designer Reiko Sudo for next Toyota Lecture Series

Tonight is our next Toyota USA Lecture Series in Design with special guest Reiko Sudo, Japanese textile designer and Co-Founder, CEO and Design Director of NUNO. Don't miss it!

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Kettering Symposium 2

CCS teams up with Kettering University for important symposium

Kettering Provost James Zhang kicked off the inaugural Kettering University/College for Creative Studies symposium quoting the 2014 Sony Walkman commercial, this past week. The symposium was developed to solidify the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between Kettering University (KU) and CCS, as it is becoming crucial to have both technology and design to drive creative synergy.

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CCS's Fashion Accessories Design program featured in Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue recently reached out to CCS's Chair of Fashion Accessories Design for their article, "9 Fashion Careers You Didn’t Know Existed"

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Join us Friday for the opening of We See: Salwan Georges | Dave Jordano | Vanessa Miller | Rashaun Rucker

Join us this Friday in the Valade Family Gallery for the opening of We See: Salwan Georges | Dave Jordano | Vanessa Miller | Rashaun Rucker
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NPD 2016

CCS to host 2016 National Portfolio Day

CCS is set to host this year's National Portfolio Day on Sunday, October 30th.

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Paul Snyder Auto Blog Event

CCS Chair of Transportation Design talks future of design at Autoblog Upshift event

CCS Chair of Transportation Design Paul Snyder talked about the future of automotive design at the Autoblog Upshift event.

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FH Joanneum

CCS signs articulation agreement with FH Joanneum in Austria

CCS is pleased to sign an agreement with FH Joanneum (FHJ) on September 23, 2016. FH Joanneum is a university located in Graz, Austria with a leading art and design programs.

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Von Robinson

CCS welcome new Associate Professor of Product Design, Von Robinson

is pleased to announce that Von Robinson has been hired as an Associate Professor in our Product Design program

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