The Financial Aid

1) Apply for Admissions

In addition to completing a FAFSA, a student must be admitted to CCS to be considered for financial aid. For most forms of financial aid, students must be enrolled at least half time in a degree granting curriculum.

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2) Complete the FAFSA

The financial aid process begins with the completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA is the only application that CCS uses to determine eligibility for most federal, state and institutional awards.

The only exceptions that require separate application are some state programs (as noted in Types of Financial Aid), supplemental loan programs (Parent PLUS & Alternative loans) and scholarships from private companies and organizations (see Outside Scholarships).

The FAFSA can be completed before or after the student is admitted to CCS.   

Learn more about the FAFSA & Financial Aid Eligibility

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3) Verification

Once a student is admitted to CCS and the FAFSA record has been received, the application is reviewed to determine if the student must be selected for Verification, and will be required to provide additional documentation.  

While we wait for the return of any requested documentation, we will calculate an estimated award package. The Estimated Financial Aid Notification is intended to give you a rough idea what your financial aid and out-of-pocket costs will be.  The final figures will vary based on any corrections that need to be made to your FAFSA. 

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4) Financial Aid Notification

Once any required documents are received and processed (if applicable) the Financial Aid Office will prepare and mail a Financial Aid Notification letter to the student.

The Financial Aid Notification will include:

(1)   A listing of the types and amounts of grants, scholarships and loans you qualify for from the federal government, the state government and CCS.

(2)   An estimate for the out of pocket cost for tuition and fees, once the financial aid is deducted.  Don’t forget to add CCS housing and a meal plan costs to this figure, if you plan to live on campus, as these are NOT included in your award letter estimates.

Review the letter carefully and contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.  You can also see the Undergraduate Costs and Financial Aid brochure for a budgeting worksheet and more information on additional costs, like books & supplies. 

The student must accept or decline each award in the space provided and return a signed copy to the Financial Aid Office.


5) Additional Funding

If you require additional funds to cover your costs, parents of dependent students may consider applying for the Federal Parent PLUS loan. Students may also consider applying for an alternative/private loan.  

Students can also research Outside Scholarships from private companies and organizations, but are cautioned that it is not common to find a large amount of additional scholarship funding in a short time. 


6) Subsidized/unsubsidized Loan Requirements

Students accepting their Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans will need to visit to complete:

  1. Subsidized/Unsubsidized Master Promissory Note
  2. Loan Entrance Counseling

Once officially accepted, the Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans will be applied to the student’s account at a pending status, but cannot be fully processed until these steps are completed. 


7) Future Years

Students will need to complete the FAFSA each year they wish to be reviewed for financial aid and are encouraged to complete the application by the recommended deadline (March 1) even if they are considering taking time off. 

Verification requests and Financial Aid Notifications for returning students are sent via email to the student’s CCS address, so they should ensure they continue checking their email throughout the summer.

Supplemental loan applications (Parent PLUS & alternative/private) loans are done on a yearly basis, so these applications will need to be completed for the new year, if needed.    

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