There are many types of financial aid available to our students. Ninety-eight percent of students receive some combination of the following types of aid totaling approximately $33 million.

  1. Need-Based Grants & Scholarships
  2. CCS Scholarships
  3. Outside Scholarships
  4. Loan Programs
  5. Work Study Programs

Need-Based Grants and Scholarships

Federal Pell Grant
A federally-funded grant awarding $400 to $5,550 per academic year for undergraduate students demonstrating high financial need.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Program
A federally-funded grant for undergraduate students demonstrating high financial need. Awards will be made to eligible students with the lowest expected family contributions who receive Pell Grants in that year.

Michigan Tuition Grant and Michigan Competitive Scholarships
The Michigan Department of Education awards tuition grants and scholarships annually to Michigan residents who demonstrate financial need.

CCS Tuition Grant
Institutionally-funded need-based grant program. Amounts vary based on need.

Applicants to CCS are automatically considered for CCS Scholarships once they complete their admissions requirements. Awards are based on the portfolio review and academic achievement of the applicant and range between $7,000 to $14,000 per year. Recipients must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to continue receiving these scholarships.

CCS Walter B. Ford II Award of Excellence

Applicants who complete all parts of the application process by our Dec. 1 Early Action deadline will be reviewed by faculty and the admissions team, for our Walter B. Ford II Award of Excellence (AOE) merit scholarships. AOE scholarships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate a high level of creativity and skill, the potential for success in both studio and academic classes, and interest in fully engaging in the campus community at CCS.

Additional CCS Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered by the College for Creative Studies to eligible students based on the donor’s requested awarding criteria. Students who are awarded these scholarships or are eligible to apply will be notified by their admissions counselor or by the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Mitch Albom Detroit Dream Scholars Fund
  • Mitch Albom Detroit Dream Fund
  • Sarah J. Alleman Memorial Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship
  • American Chemistry Council – Plastics Division Scholarship
  • Autoweek Poster Design Scholarship
  • James Banton Endowed Scholarship
  • Berman Family Scholarship
  • Booth Family Crafts Scholarship
  • Bordinat Memorial Scholarship
  • Bowersox Scholastics Scholarship
  • Maxine Brewer/Harry Smallenberg Memorial Scholarship
  • John Broutin Scholarship
  • CE City Scholarship
  • Campbell-Ewald Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Don Gould
  • CCS Congressional Arts Competition Scholarship
  • CCS FIRST Robotics Scholarship
  • CCS Ohio Governor’s Scholarship
  • CCS Scholastic Art Scholarships
  • CNH Industrial Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Collectors Foundation Scholarship
  • Richard & Jean Coyne Family Foundation Scholarship
  • G.D. Crain, Jr. Scholarship
  • Czarnowski Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Karnig Dabanian Memorial Scholarship
  • Delphi Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Albert & Peggy DeSalle Scholarship
  • Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors Scholarship
  • Rita E. Dilanian Endowed Scholarship
  • DURA Automotive Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Employee Funded Scholarships
  • Paul & Helen Farago Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Cornelia & Audrey Farley Scholarship
  • Benson & Edith Ford Scholarship
  • Ford Blue Oval Scholarship
  • Ford WPP Team Detroit Scholarship
  • Barbara C. Frey Endowed Scholarship for Entertainment Arts
  • General Motors Foundation Scholarship
  • James S. Goldwasser Award for Excellence in Writing
  • James C. Gordon Memorial Scholarship
  • Charl E. Greene Memorial Scholarship
  • Hagopian Rug Design Scholarship
  • Henry Ford Health System Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Charles Jordan Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Kaufman Financial Group Design Competition Scholarship
  • George Moon Memorial Scholarship
  • Emmet J. McNamara Memorial Scholarship
  • Michelin Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • NAIAS Poster Design Competition Scholarship
  • The National Association for Surface Finishing Bright Design Challenge Scholarship
  • David Robert and Sylvia Jean Nelson Foundation for Arts and Letters Scholarship
  • Steve Nickerson Memorial Scholarship
  • Carl Olsen Endowed Scholarship
  • PPG Industries Scholarship
  • Reebok Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Beatrice & Reymont Paul Foundation Scholarship
  • SABIC Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Shinola Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Stratton Foundation Scholarship
  • Michael J. Swancutt Memorial Scholarship
  • Target Scholarship
  • 36th District Court Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • WardsAuto Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Warrior Sports Sponsored Project Scholarship
  • Matilda Wilson Foundation Scholarship

Outside Scholarships

Students are encouraged to seek out outside scholarship opportunities. CCS will accept any outside scholarships students obtain. CCS does not reduce institutional aid when additional scholarships are received, unless all tuition and fees are paid by the additional scholarship. In rare cases, a student may lose Michigan Tuition Grant/Competitive Scholarship or Subsidized Stafford loan eligibility if they exceed their Demonstrated Need calculation or may have loan funds reduced if they exceed their Cost of Attendance calculation (contact Financial Aid Office for more information).


Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

You are making a difference. In your classroom and in your community. If you have the passion to succeed—especially in fields of study important to the automotive and related industries—the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program is looking for you. This year, we will award 100 renewable scholarships of up to $25,000 per year.

New and current students are eligible and eligible majors include Automotive Design, Fine Arts - Sculpture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Product Design and Transportation Design.

Learn More

Loan Programs

Federal Subsidized Stafford Student Loan Program
A federally-subsidized, need-based loan program. Repayment begins six months after graduation, upon enrollment of less than half-time, or upon withdrawal from the College. More

Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Student Loan Program
A federal, non-need-based loan program available to independent students or dependent students whose parents have been denied a PLUS loan. Repayment begins six months after graduation, upon enrollment of less than half-time, or upon withdrawal from the College. More

Federal Parent PLUS Program
Supplemental loans to parents of dependent students based on credit application. Repayment begins within 60 days after the loan is fully disbursed. More

Alternative/Private Loans
Private supplemental student loans offered by various banks based on a credit application. Most student applicants will require a cosigner. More

Work Study Programs

Federal Work-Study Program
The federally-funded program provides on-campus jobs for students demonstrating financial need. Awards will be made to eligible students with remaining need to the extent of available funds on a first-come, first-served basis.

Michigan Work-Study Program
The state-funded work program provides on-campus jobs for Michigan residents demonstrating financial need.

Student Employment Program
The College-funded work program meets campus needs and employs students ineligible under federal or Michigan work-study programs.

If you have additional questions about work study or want to see available positions please contact Dorin Campbell at 313.664.7497.

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