Michael Bush

“Puppetry jobs, both performing and building, are temporary and have an end date,” he explained. “It helps to have multiple things going at once; keeping enough things going can be a challenge.”

Although Bush has found success on his chosen career path, his route wasn’t always so well-defined.

“During high school, I sought the advice of numerous college representatives about which type of program I should pursue,” said Bush. “They suggested product design, toy design, sculpture, animation, illustration and all kinds of other fields with some schools not even bothering to suggest anything.

“Then, I spoke to a CCS representative, Herb Babcock, who happened to be a professor in the Crafts Department. He was instantly excited about my work and suggested I consider crafts as a major. This way I would have access to metalsmithing, woodworking, glassblowing, ceramics, multimedia and fiber design.

“A few days later, Susan Aaron-Taylor, department chair of fiber design, invited me to visit. Her genuine interest in my work convinced me that CCS is where I belonged. The facilities are wonderful and the classes are fantastic, but my final decision to go to CCS was because of her. I can still hear her voice in my head saying, ‘You have to put complementary colors in the shadows,’ ‘a form has to look good from all sides,’ and ‘use your sketchbook!’”

Bush recalls feeling like part of a giant family during his time in the Crafts Department.

“We shared the same building with the metals majors in the basement listening to heavy metal, up through fiber design listening to Billie Holiday,” reminisced Bush. “Everyone was eager to share their ideas, time and energy. I try to bring that same sense of community to my projects today.”

  • Graduation Year: 2003
  • Major: Crafts
  • Employer: <None Specified>
  • Title: Freelance Sculpture, Costume, Puppetry

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