College for Creative Studies: Product Design


James Caruso

Motorola, Inc.

Senior Director Design, North America

The man responsible for Motorola's rise as a design leader in cell phone technology, Jim Caruso, credits CCS' "learning environment" with helping to shape his design skills.

"I am into learning, and design isn't about making cool stuff as much as it is a thinking and learning experience," said Caruso.

"CCS is the institution that enabled outstanding individuals - both instructors and students - to come together. The experience helped build my skills and abilities as a designer and contributed much to my career."

Responsible for oversight of the popular Motorola RAZR - the "world's thinnest flip phone," - the CCS graduate has since also managed the company's unveiling of two successful successors - the SLVR and PEBL models. His current job duties include managing the company's design processes and strategies while meeting material and budget requirements

Caruso's fascination with design extends beyond technology. In his spare time, Caruso draws, designed his home addition, and builds scale models to demonstrate the evolution of design.

"Never stop thinking," he says about being faced with design challenges. "There is always a better way to solve a problem."