Ralph Gilles

Since graduating from CCS, Gilles helped Chrysler break away from the bland, with bolder designs that are not only turning consumer heads, but drawing numerous industry awards including Motor Trend's Car of the Year for 2005 for the Chrysler 300C.

Gilles' 300C was the breakout hit in 2005, but his design of the Dodge Magnum and Dodge Charger also received critical and consumer acclaim.

"We designed the 300C for people looking to break the boring car spell, for someone who wants to fall in love with the automobile all over again," said Gilles.

As the recently-appointed Chrysler Group vice president of Jeep, truck and component design, Gilles will now look to continue his success on a broader scale.

Gilles' passions for racing and design led him to pursue engineering school in Montreal, where he spent more time sketching than taking notes. Feeling his creative side was not stimulated enough, Gilles decided to pursue design at CCS.

"Engineering was a "noble" profession, Art was less comfortable for my parents," explained Gilles of his parents early trepidation with him attending CCS. "Once they realized I could make a living at it, they became more supportive of my decision."


  • Graduation Year: 1992
  • Major: Transportation Design
  • Employer: Chrysler LLC
  • Title: SVP - Product Design, Pres & CEO SRT

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