College for Creative Studies: Illustration


Jerry Brown

Create Chaos

Executive Producer

Jerry Brown has filled a creative void with the establishment of Create Chaos, an umbrella event bringing together some of the nation's top creative industry conferences and events under one roof for one week. 

Jerry conceptualized Create magazine and Create Chaos in 2000 after working 10 years in the creative world as an illustrator. He moved to Orlando after being recruited to work on the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man ride for Orlando’s Universal Studios. He and his wife, Heidi, were eager to become connected with other creative professionals, but found very little networking opportunities.

"Having worked in many of the creative fields the magazine and the event represents, I saw a need that wasn't being fulfilled," explained Jerry, who is now executive producer of the conference.

By 2001, Jerry and his wife launched Brahn Communications (taken from the combination of Brown and Hahn) and published the first issue of Create, a magazine targeted at creative professionals working in Central Florida. Eventually, Create became the nation’s largest creative publication with a readership of over 100,000 professionals in the hottest metropolitan areas nationwide, including Detroit. They sold the business in 2008, but Brown continued to oversee the Create Chaos conference and events.

Although Jerry once considered studying business at a larger Michigan university, he has no regrets about pursuing art.

"CCS taught me discipline—I knew if I could make it through there, I could make it through anything."

"At some point, I think every art student is asked what they can do with their degree - other than sell paintings in the street. The reality is that you can do a lot with it. If you are talented and work hard, you'll go far." said Jerry.