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K'Kio Hardin

Clear Magazine

Design Director

K'Kio Hardin is cutting a Clear path to success at a Detroit-area based magazine of the same name.

Hardin is creative director for "Clear" - the first fashion and design magazine based in the Midwest to be distributed nationally.

With offices in Royal Oak, Clear is blazing the trail with its innovative design concepts. Adobe software, for example, chose the magazine as part of an advertising campaign to demonstrate exceptional design. The magazine is printed on high quality paper using stochastic printing - a method in which tiny dots of ink are randomly scattered across the printing surface, similar to the grain in photographic film. The magazine's patent-pending clear covers have also become collector's items and award winning.

"When I first started at Clear, I had to explain what the magazine was and what my role was," Hardin said. "Now I have friend who tell me that they think the magazine is cool without even knowing that I work there. That's a good feeling!"

Before working at Clear and a major local advertising agency, Hardin majored in graphic design at CCS.

"CCS prepared me to handle the workload that is necessary to succeed in my field."

"My position at Clear is one of my passions. You have to make sacrifices to get where you want to go, but it's a matter of what you want to sacrifice."