Ryan Gitter

Certain Affinity

Senior concept artist

When Ryan Gitter chose to major in illustration, he dreamed of someday creating art for comic books. What he found was a new outlet for his work—one that could make his ideas come alive.

 “Once I discovered concept art, I almost immediately shifted my focus,” said Gitter. “To me, it's that combination of painting, comic book style action and storytelling that totally fulfills the hunger of my inner nerd. Plus, I love movies and video games.”

Gitter is a senior concept artist at Certain Affinity. He's created concept art for multiple Halo titles as well as Call of Duty: Ghosts and several other AAA game titles.

 “My advice to students considering this career path is to focus on the fundamentals—drawing, perspective, value, anatomy, composition and color,” he said.

“Your first two years at CCS are the most important. There's a reason they call them ‘foundation classes;’ without the skills learned in these courses, everything else falls apart."

 “Also, keep up with websites like and They're a great barometer for where your works needs to be in order to be competitive.”

To check out some of Gitter’s work, visit ;