College for Creative Studies: Illustration


Anna Cangialosi

W.B. Doner Advertising

Art Director

Flip through the pages of a fashion magazine and you will immediately notice the blaring advertisements and edgy photos fighting for your attention. But style needs to be more than loud - it needs to be chic, hip and elegant and that's when Anna Cangialosi enters the picture.

The illustration graduate began breathing hipness into advertisements through the use of mixed media while attending CCS. Her work was so unique and refreshing that magazines and other companies around the world started to take notice, and that attention earned her a spot in a new publication, "Imagemakers: Cutting Edge Fashion Illustration."

The book is comprised of work from 51 of the world's most exceptional illustrators and explores their methods, motivations and influences. Cangialosi, whose early works once earned her comparisons to Vogue magazines from the 1950s, has a client list that includes Ford Motor Company, J. Walter Thompson, Allstate, Cosmo Girl, Style magazine, Nylon magazine, and Loyal magazine.

"I've always loved figure drawing, textures, fabrics and fashion," said Cangialosi. "Being able to combine all of those is what drew me to fashion illustration."