College for Creative Studies: Product Design


David Rice

Design Communications, Inc.


Burning in the heart of every designer is the desire to create. David Rice lives to create more than exemplary design work - he strives to create opportunity.

Rice is president of Design Communications, Inc., a design firm specializing in marketing communications located in Washington, D.C. He is also the founder and chairman of the Organization of Black Designers (OBD).

"Being able to make a living at design and help other talented designers find jobs and further their careers has been tremendously satisfying," says Rice. "It is one of the things that has made my life worthwhile."

Although at one time Rice considered pursuing biology, he graduated from CCS' rigorous industrial design program with specializations in product design and graphic design.

Rice founded Design Communications, Inc. (DesignCom) in 1981 and his first major account involved the branding for a $250 million joint venture in Washington D.C. between the Quadrangle Development Corporation, The Rouse Company and the JW Marriott Hotel. Rice also strives to create mentorship opportunities through the OBD to develop an awareness of the lack of diversity in design-related professions. In only 11 years, OBD has attracted more than 6,300 members.

He credits CCS with giving him the tools necessary to succeed not only in business, but in relationship building.

"To this day, I still use the problem solving skills I developed at CCS in my professional and private life. I learned to see the world in a totally new and dynamic way."