CCS: Communication Design (Graphic Design) Programs


Fernando Del Rosario

Innocean USA & Art Institute of California

Associate Creative Director, Professor

Enthusiastic, courageous, honest. Fernando Del Rosario says these character traits define him as a designer. But don't take his word for it. His successful advertising career  speaks for itself.

"I am a seasoned creative that has the energy and spirit of a newly graduated art student," said Del Rosario. "My perseverance and determination knows no bounds. My enthusiasm and courage takes my creativity to new levels. And my integrity and honesty lets me sleep at night."

Del Rosaio is the associate creative director at Innocean USA in Huntington Beach, California. In this position, he creates and produces fully integrated campaigns for Hyundai (focusing on the Eastern Region of the US market), including concepts for Hyundai national sales events, NCAA football partnership, and a running footage shoot, as well as oversees integrated campaign projects, such as sports partnerships ads, events (Zombie Mud Run) and billboard campaigns.

"The East alone produces at least 5-6 campaigns that consist of 4-5 TV commercials, POS materials, and a digital executions," he explained. 

When Del Rosario isn't busy working on promotional campaigns, you can find him in the classroom sharing what he's learned with future designers on the West Coast. He is a creative instructor/professor at the Art Institute of California-Orange County where he mentors and teaches design, marketing, campaign development and the business of advertising to college level students. In addition to his work in the classroom, he has handpicked 40+ students to work as interns and/or be hired as junior art directors at agencies and design firms.

"I feel like I’m a better creative because I teach, and I’m a better teacher because I work as a creative professional," he said.

Prior to his current position, Del Rosario was an associate creative director at Y&R Advertising. He created and produced 120+ spots for the Mattel Brand, Lincoln, Mercury and Jaguar, resulting in an extensive knowledge  and experience in client management, vendor relationships and broadcast production. His contributions to the full rebranding of the Hot Wheels brand impacted domestic and international markets, as well as product development.

"Throughout my career, I've often found myself reiterating many of the lessons and ideas I learned at CCS to my students," reminisced Del Rosario. "That alone is testament to the quality of instruction I received and the extent that what I learned has affected my career."

Del Rosario gained the tools he needed for a successful career in advertising from professors in his graphic design program at CCS.

"The College provided me with the necessary tools I needed to jumpstart my career. I learned how to think conceptually about projects and to use the software and technology to execute those concepts."

"It's been a challenge to stay on this roller coaster of a profession. One of my instructors at CCS compared advertising to the experience of riding a train. I still share this metaphor with my students today. He said that there are basically three places you can be in this business. First, you can be on top riding comfortably. Everything is golden. Second, you might find yourself running beside the train trying to keep up. And third, left behind back at the station.

"My goal is to stay on top of the train - continuing to do great work and inspire as many people as I can through my career, teaching and actions. Being a creative is who I am, not just what I do for a living. It's a piece of me."