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Gayl Hyde

Self Employed

Freelance Graphic Designer

Gayl Hyde continues to work as a freelance art director while she completes her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine this fall at SCNM in Scottsdale, Arizona.

 As both doctor and designer, Hyde is determined to continue to spread awareness of health and environmental issues and offer healthful options for healthier living.

For several years, Hyde freelanced in New York Cityfor Men’s Health Magazine creating health awareness campaigns, and New York Magazineputting together “advertorial” sections that focused on women’s health and wellness. She also taught typography at Pratt Institute inManhattan (inspired by her CCS days).

"Mass communication brings about awareness—awareness of misperceptions, facts, and actions that can be taken to help improve the health and quality of life of people, the earth… treating the entire planet and its inhabitants as a whole," explained Hyde.

That follows one of the philosophies of naturopathic medicine: doctor as teacher. But in this case it's designer and doctor as teacher.

"My medical studies have given me a much broader knowledge of environmental toxicology and how one's lifestyle affects individual health and the health of others, even across the globe," she said. "Being able to communicate that through design reaches a much broader audience and hopefully can help make a difference."

Over the years, Hyde's creative achievements have been recognized by the popular media and by other professionals working in the advertising industry. She was featured in Atlanta's popular Jezebel magazine and on the Oxygen network. Hyde also received an ECO award for a catalog she produced for an "environmental awarehouse" in midtown-Atlanta that sold organic and recycled goods.

"My education at CCS was a great foundation."

"From figure illustration to lettering, to advertising design, the hands-on skills I learned were amazing."

Hyde’s next endeavor: completing her degree in traditional oriental medicine and acupuncture.

More of Hyde’s work can be viewed at Her medical site is