CCS: Communication Design (Graphic Design) Programs


Brian Salay

FOX Digital Media (FDM) & Fox Broadcasting (FBC) (Los Angeles)

Vice President Online Design

Brian Salay worked hard to earn a degree in graphic communication. But it’s what he’s done with his education that makes him stand out.

“My career has taught me to listen, understand, define, solve and break,” said Salay. “Nothing is untouchable. Everything can be better. Don't be afraid to break shit. My goal is to redefine how media is consumed.”

Originally, Fox Broadcasting hired Salay as the creative director for new media in 2007. Now, as a vice president of FDM and FBC his roles include defining and implementing new-media design strategy for the broadcasting company as well as all of its networks and News Corp new business opportunities. 

Salay worked in the television and film industry in Los Angeles before enrolling at CCS. He was self-employed as an art director/set designer. He is credited on “The Stranger,” “Sinful Intrigue” and “Red Shoe Diaries.”

After graduation, Salay moved away from set design and took on positions at General Motors, Rare Medium and Frog Design until becoming a design manager/surgeon at Yahoo!. 

“Re-conceptualizing and designing reinforced my ethos for pushing an idea to a break-point, glean the knowledge and try again,” Salay explained. “I had to manage and refine chaos into finely-tuned high profile products. It was a disciplined and detailed process.” He holds a content display and navigation patent derived from his work on 

Although Salay has held leadership positions in design, broadcasting and Internet, to this day he considers the success of SPINE, the annual publication of the Graphic Design Department at CCS, to be one of his greatest design achievements. He was responsible for founding, funding, editing and designing its inaugural issue. 

“I’m proud to see SPINE still living on as part of the CCS curriculum as an annually evolving vehicle that brings together multiple disciplines folded into a common focus that represents art and design within CCS and the City of Detroit,” said Salay.

Salay has and continues to work with many notable clients including: David Carson, AIGA, Sun Microsystems, Magellan GPS, University of Michigan, MIT, T-Mobile and Disney.