College for Creative Studies: Product Design


Brian Jablonski


Product Design Manager

When Brian Jablonski tells people he works as a Product Design Manager for Hasbro's Super Soaker and NERF brands, they often smile and exclaim "How fun!" And it is.

However, most people do not realize the intense process the plastic water blasters, dart shooters and foam footballs must go through before they appear in schoolyards and family picnics.

"People have all kinds of memories and stories about growing up with NERF and Super Soakers products," said Jablonski, who majored in product design at CCS.

As Product Design Manager, Jablonski works on all aspects of the design process - conceptualization, research, and sketches. He also manages the team, performs administrative tasks and communicates with Hasbro offices in Hong Kong. His team includes engineers, marketing professionals and other designers.

Jablonski's commitment to producing the best product possible stems from a frequent comment made by industrial design instructor Homer Legasse, "You designed it; you stand behind it." The statement has served as a mantra throughout his professional career.

"It is important to work hard because your work represents you," said Jablonski. "Through classes with professors in other departments, I learned how to communicate my ideas clearly and develop my skills beyond the level of graduates from other art and design colleges."