College for Creative Studies: Product Design


Gregory Snider

Black & Decker

Senior Project Industrial Designer, Global Product Graphics Manager

Chances are anyone who works with tools on a regular basis has used a product designed by Gregory "Scott" Snider, an alumnus of CCS' product design program.

Since being hired as a designer at Black & Decker ten years ago, Snider is credited as the inventor on 68 published patents and 50 applied patents still in process. His work has received numerous awards and been featured in more than 30 popular newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Better Homes & Gardens, Esquire, Maxim, Consumer Reports, Consumers Digest and The Wall Street Journal.

However, the real satisfaction for Snider comes from designing innovative products that serve a higher purpose than earning awards and recognition. His contributions are at the forefront of the industry's efforts toward a greener future.

"I've reached a level at Black & Decker where I can start to make a difference," said Snider, who has since advanced to Senior Project Industrial Designer, Global Product Graphics Manager. "I enjoy fighting for a cause, so I've tried my best to lead the way with environmental awareness/impact and recycling communications as they pertain to our products.

Snider's blend of business savvy and creativity developed during his early years of college. As a student, he was inspired by CCS instructors Tom Molyneaux and John Steiner. The duo shared their enlightening experiences in the design world and helped him organize an impressive portfolio that led to an internship and, ultimately, his job at Black & Decker.

"Arriving at CCS with experience in management, I constantly tried to intertwine design with business."

"As part of class projects, I looked for ways to validate good design with business benefits, which turned out to be a great approach. I carry that ethic with me today."