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Amy Gozalka

Ogilvy & Mather (Chicago, IL)

Art Director

Whether she is working on the Dove Beauty campaign or promotional materials for an Olympics bid, Amy Gozalka has discovered that the best ideas usually come when you stop thinking about them.

“You can rack your brain for hours, days, even weeks trying to come up with that one idea that will work perfectly for a campaign," said Gozalka, an art director at Ogilvy & Mather. "Sometimes the best thing to do at that point is to do anything but think about coming up with an idea. Walk away, and come back to it. You'll be surprised; an idea will hit you when you least expect it! After all, some of the greatest ads come from human truths. So it's important to get out, explore and become involved in other things besides advertising."

As an art director, Gozalka does television, print and interactive advertising work for the Chicago-based agency. Some of her clients have included Dove Beauty, Huggies & Pull-Ups, 2016 Chicago Olympics, American Family Insurance, Threadless, Truvia, Suave Beauty, CDW and Allstate.

“One of the things I enjoy most about Ogilvy is the culture,” she said. “I believe that a strong culture will result in strong work… Working in advertising is such a collaborative process. You get to meet and work so many talented people. From inside the office to outside with directors, photographers and developers. Enjoying who you work with will just make the entire process that much more enjoyable and result in better work."

Prior to her career with Ogilvy & Mather, Gozalka gained experience at several other agencies, including Tribal DDB, Yaffle & Company, Topolewski, SMZ Advertising and Doner.

“Over the past few years, the biggest take away and advice I have gained from working in the industry is: listen and digest,” said Gozalka. “The work is fast paced. You need to come up with strong ideas quickly, and you will need to understand more than one brief and one client at the same time. So, it's critical to understand the strategy, objectives and messaging from the beginning. This will help pave better creative and better ideas from the start.

“Just remember, you are selling something but you don't need to sacrifice your point of view. If you do strong and smart work, you'll also be doing what's best for the brand.”

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