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Annmarie Koenig


Lighting CG supervisor

Annmarie Koenig works as a CG supervisor at DreamWorks. Since she was hired there in 1997, the designer has helped facilitate the aesthetic vision of productions by leading a team of lighting animators and preparing other visual development needed by the director.

She has worked on Antz, Shrek, Shrek2, Madagascar, Shrek the Third, Shrek the Halls, Bee Movie, Madagascar 2 and Monsters vs Pumpkins as well as Megamind (to be released fall of 2010).

What makes the latest animated features connect so well with audiences are the lovable, lifelike characters. But  more goes into creating these films than most people realize. Lighting, as well as other elements, can play a crucial role in the realistic appeal of a character or environment. It’s attention to these details that can make or break a movie at the box office.

“Every movie has been amazing to work on as part of the creative team,” said Koenig. “I have enjoyed them all. Each sequence of every movie is completely a new technical and aesthetic challenge. There’s never a dull moment.”

Koenig’s experiences as a graphic design major at CCS helped her succeed in the cut-throat film industry.

“The most important lesson I learned was how to push myself creatively and still meet deadlines." 

Outside of her career at DreamWorks, Koenig is extending her art/design skills by creating a line of board art out of destroyed skateboard decks. By combining a pension for numeric symbolism and traditional tattoo aesthetic, the artist is “embarking into a brave new world” of deck art. She has recently begun to produce custom pieces for gallery shows in the San Franciso area as well as create work on a commission basis.

Early art boards can been seen at