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Chuck Carlson

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Design Technologist

It may have been Chuck Carlson’s technical skills that got him hired as a technologist at Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (CP+B), but it was a diligent work ethic and his approach to creativity that earned the designer a recent promotion with the advertising and design agency.

 He now is responsible for thinking of creative concepts for multiple clients such as Coke Zero, Burger King and Microsoft. Last year (2008), his work received a D&AD award, Andy Award, two Cannes Lion awards and two FWA Site of the Day awards.   

“I have a focus in interactive, but the integrated approach here at Crispin allows me to expand my concepts into any discipline that works within the given creative,” said Carlson. “I also carry skills as a designer and a programmer. I lead the design on all of my projects, and have programmed working prototypes on some of them…

“I feel the biggest accomplishment so far was winning two FWA awards for Burger King’s Angry-Gram and Coke Zero’s Rooftop Racer. The work FWA awards each day is always inspiring, and I’m extremely pleased to have had two projects worthy of their recognition.”

Working on the creative side of the advertising industry can be challenging, but that is what Carlson enjoys most about his career. 

“My favorite types of projects are the ones that involve great challenges—an almost, ‘how are we going to pull this off’ mentality,” Carlson explained. “I have been fortunate to be working with some smart individuals here. We all work hard and it always amazes us in the end what we accomplish each and every day.

“One of the most significant projects I’ve worked on was the redesign of Coke Zero. I had a lot of love for it, and it almost never saw the light of day. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and really enjoyed watching it come to life.”  

Although he takes his work seriously, Carlson’s fun, playful approach is what sets his ideas apart from others in the industry. 

“I like for people to be engaged with the work I create and walk away from the experience having enjoyed being a part of it,” he said.

“The intensity, fun and inspiration I enjoyed while studying at CCS really helped me prepare for my career. I put as much love and effort here at CP+B as I did while attending college."

“I give a lot of credit to Doug Kisor for inspiring me through his thoughts and providing me with such a great design background, which impacts my work each and every day. I also credit the cultural semiotics course for opening my mind to the inner workings of culture. This is what fuels the creative drive here at CP+B.”