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Leila Matta

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

Manager of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, and Art Programs in the Ame

Global thinking and translation of ideas are at the forefront of Leila Matta’s career at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. She is the Manager of Brand Identity, Graphic Design, and Art Programs in the Americas.

“As an in-house curator, I take the concept of brand identity to a spatial level,” Matta explained. “I view the architectural space of our offices as an extension of our brand identity—an opportunity to translate our corporate brand into a gallery experience.”

Matta brings contemporary art into the corporate environment for long-term exhibitions that are seen and discussed by hundreds of employees and external visitors daily.

“My objectives are to support artists in our communities, challenge our employees with new ways of thinking and inspire a deeper sense of creativity in our business,” she said.

The other side of Matta’s job is to manage Daimler and Mercedes-Benz brand design systems in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

“This means translation and application of our brand design system into formats that can function successfully in different languages, cultures and markets,” said Matta.  

“I am proud to be in Detroit and to have made an accomplished art and design career out of my passion for creative work here. It’s important to broaden our horizons by awareness of places all over the world; however, we can be inspired and find creative paths no matter where we are. And sometimes certain places, like Detroit, need our creative attention the most.”