Stephanie Henderson

Stephanie Henderson has worked in the advertising, publishing and fine art world for over 20 years and has received numerous awards and honors.

 Clients have included Berkley Publishing, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Penguin/Putnam, Llewellyn Publications, Prentice Hall, Rutgers magazine, Marcel Schurman, Bottman Design and Celestial Seasonings. Highlights have included work for Julie Andrews, Roseanne Barr and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lutz. Her work has appeared in the Society of Illustrators annual, Book Design 2, 3 x 3, Imaginaire books II, III, and IV, Dreamscapes, Creative Quarterly, and The Book of Skulls curated by Faye Dowling of Dazed and Confused. She has exhibited her paintings nationally and internationally, as well as locally at the Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham and Detroit’s START Gallery. She has been represented by Fran Seigel, artists and licensing agent, in NY and Last Rites Gallery. You can also see her work in Santa Monic a, CA at the Copro Gallery. Stephanie has been interviewed by Didi Ferri of XLegion (available online in all of Europe, USA, China, India, Russia and Taiwan) and Kendrick Daye of Art Nouveau and radio master Dave Dixon and has been featured online in, Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Platinum Cheese, Who Killed Bambi, artist a day and Creep Machine. You can see some of Stephanie’s work on

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