Molly Beauregard

Molly Beauregard is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Loyola University Chicago and the University of Pittsburgh, holding masters degrees in both public policy and sociology.

 She has been a professor of sociology for over twelve years at the College for Creative Studies. Molly and CCS alum, Chelsea Richer, are co-founders of the Tuning the Student Mind Foundation. This innovative effort to support consciousness based education programs across the country was initially developed at CCS. Molly has presented this template for learning at the National Art Education Association, Contemplative Mind in Society at Amherst College, as well as several other national conferences. Molly has also been a faculty advisor for professors and administrators at Pratt Institute, Duke University and the David Lynch Foundation.

  • BA, University of Michigan, MPA, University of Pittsburgh, MA, Loyola University Chicago
  • Adjunct Faculty

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