College of Creative Studies: Liberal Arts


Laura Bernstein-Machlay

Adjunct Faculty

M.F.A. University of Washington; B.A. University of Michigan

Laura Bernstein-Machlay received her MFA in Poetry from the University of Washington.

Since returning to her hometown of Detroit nearly two decades ago, she has worked as an educator, creating and teaching a number of courses ranging from Poetry and Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshops to World and Woman's Literature. Additionally, she created and taught CCS's first online course, and still regularly teaches both face-to face and online. In addition to teaching, Bernstein-Machlay has regularly taken on freelance writing and editing projects for local companies, lawyers, etc.

In whatever free time she finds, Bernstein-Machlay attends writing conferences, and writes and publishes poetry and creative nonfiction.


  • Woman's literature
  • World Literature
  • Contemporary Poetry
  • Creative Nonfiction


In the last five years, Laura Bernstein-Machlay has had poetry and creative nonfiction essays appear in many literary magazines, including the following:

  • Adanna
  • Alaska Quarterly Review
  • The American Scholar
  • The Bear River Writers Review
  • Big River Poetry Review
  • Bloodroot Literary Magazine
  • Burntdistrict
  • Choice Magazine
  • Clover Literary Magazine
  • The Concho River Review
  • CrossCurrents
  • The Crab Creek Review
  • The Fractal Literary Magazine
  • Harbinger Asylum
  • Lost Coast Review
  • The MacGuffin
  • The Michigan Quarterly Review
  • New Madrid
  • Outrider Review
  • Oyez Literary Review
  • Paper Nautilus
  • Penny Ante Feud
  • Phantom Drift Ltd.
  • The Poet’s Almanac (Poetry East)
  • Poetry Quarterly
  • Redevider
  • The Rockhurst Review
  • The San Pedro River Review
  • The Santa Clara Review
  • The Sonder Review
  • Star*line
  • Torrid Review
  • upstreet
  • Visions International
  • Your Impossible Voice 

All Sides Pastel was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2014.
Freezer Theater. 1981 was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2014.