Ty Damon II

Ty Damon II is a fourth-generation advertising professional with over 35 years experience in the Marketing Communications field in Detroit. In fact, he was prepping cars for photos shoots before he could drive them. Damon has been involved at the forefront of many industry innovations such as the rise of the full-service creative boutique agency, the integration of design and production with desktop publishing, the birth of the Internet as a marketing tool and the use of quantitative metrics and predictive analytics in the Experiential Marketing discipline.

Damon is currently the Executive Director of Jack Morton Worldwide in Detroit. He oversees the Chevrolet Global, Chevrolet U.S., and Customer Care and Aftersales accounts.

Damon is an avid skier and snowboarder and has been a volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol for over 33 years. Ty is also a member of the National Hot Rod Association and holds a competition Drag Racing license. He enjoys repurposing and restoring antique objects and collects American Folk art.

  • BA, Michigan State University
  • Adjunct Faculty

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