Mark Jary


Mark Jary

Adjunct Faculty

Mark Jary started his career as an apprentice illustrator and designer at Graphic House Advertising Art Studio in Dearborn, Mich.

With the work he had done for Graphic House, he applied and was accepted to CCS. After attending CCS, Jary started working at Leo Burnett as an art director and eventually found himself working at the Leo Burnett headquarters in Chicago, Ill. He spent the next ten years becoming an accomplished multi-media art director on several Fortune 500 accounts and soon was named V.P. Associate Creative Director.

In the 90's Jary moved back to Detroit to work for BBDO as a S.V.P. Creative Director on the Chrysler account working on Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge for the next fifteen years. In 2010 the doors at BBDO were closed because of Chrysler’s bankruptcy, and after his 35 year career as an advertising creative, Jary started The Idea Factory - providing creative and consultation for local businesses.