Campus Security Policies, Crime Statistics & Crime Log

Our goal at CCS is to ensure a safe environment in which students, faculty, and staff can work and learn. To attain this goal, members of the campus community must take responsibility for their own safety and security and that of their neighbors. Working together, we can maintain a safe environment.

Campus Housing Access

Access beyond the Art Centre Building (ACB) lobby is restricted to residents of the ACB and their guests. All students, faculty, and staff must present CCS identification when entering the building. Guests must sign in and out and leave a valid photo ID at the front desk.

Access to the Taubman Center housing facility is limited to only student residents and their guests and selected staff. Residents use their student ID as a swipe card/key for access to the housing facility and dorm rooms.

The College for Creative Studies has one of the safest college campuses in Michigan. The following are campus crime statistics.

On-Campus Crime Statistics

Sex Offense (forcible)0000000000000
Sex Offense (non-forcible)0000000000000
Aggravated Assault0000000000100
Burglary (Mtr.Veh)9950012000000
Motor Vehicle Theft6341033322130
Liquor Law Violation0010044131122011
Drug Offense00100022010202
Weapons Violations0000000000000

Office of Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security regularly patrols campus and responds to a variety of requests. Services include:

  • Escorting students, faculty, and staff to and from campus after dark. This service may be requested by calling 313.664.7444.
  • Admitting students, faculty, and staff with departmental authorization to academic buildings.
  • Enforcing parking policies.
  • Responding to security occurrences on campus.

The Office of Campus Safety and Security is responsible for enforcing CCS policies and regulations on campus property. The Office works closely with Wayne State University Campus Police and Detroit Police and Fire Departments when necessary.

CCS Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

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