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Policy on Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Updated: August 2017

I. Policy Statement

The College for Creative Studies subscribes to the principle of equal opportunity in its employment,
admissions and educational practices and strives to provide an educational environment and workplace free
from unlawful harassment or discrimination. Discrimination, including harassment, because of age, race,
color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other characteristic
protected by law is strictly prohibited. This policy specifically addresses the prohibition of sexual
misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, sexual exploitation,
stalking, domestic violence, and dating violence. Sexual misconduct represents a serious breach of the
College’s commitment to fostering a positive educational and working environment. An individual who
violates this policy may also be subject to criminal prosecution and civil litigation in addition to College
disciplinary procedures. As described elsewhere in this annual security report (see “Sexual Assault/Dating
Violence Awareness and Prevention Programs”), with the intent of ending sexual misconduct, the College
conducts primary prevention and awareness programs for all incoming students and new employees and
ongoing prevention and awareness campaigns for students and employees.

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