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Unmute Now!

Unmute Now! is a virtual student exhibition seeking to address inequities brought to light by the COVID-19 crisis, including lack of access to health care, resources and basic needs.

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Our Mission

In an effort to create an environment that supports and advances a diverse and equitable campus culture, the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Exhibitions is committed to represent a community of inclusion through curatorial projects built on the foundation of shared empathy, respect and knowledge.

Curating is an act of stewardship and caretaking. With a virtual gallery resulting in conceptualized virtual exhibitions, conversations with community change-makers, and a poetic digital experience, DEI Exhibitions can transform and uplift the community for those feeling vulnerable and voiceless.

Unmute Now! Exhibition with graphic of a megaphone. Opening 11-6-2020

Unmute Now! Exhibition

Opening February 26, 2021
Closing March 31, 2021 (soft date)

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Why? Diversity Matters Here

CCS as a community is deepening our position of support and engagement with students of all backgrounds—A visible representation of this distinction between past and what is present, addressing specifics instead of generalities about the community in which CCS exists and its members, serving to strengthen through action, and as an art school, to create a sense of place and belonging.

If curatorship is the embodiment of care-taking and guardianship, then curatorial acts can be a proactive response to hardship and distance. These ongoing curatorial responses will happen through healing, connecting and bringing change through artistic response from oppressed, marginalized and isolated communities.

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The Team

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Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Jetshri Bhadviya
Lisa Rigstad
Miah Davis