About Us


Richard L. Rogers
T. 313.664.7474 

Anne Beck
Vice President for Administration & Finance
T. 313.664.7473 

Dr. William A. Shields
Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
T. 313.664.1487 

Julie Hingelberg
Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
T. 313.664.7494

Tracy Muscat
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Vince Carducci
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
T. 313.664.1488

Dan Long
Dean of Students
T. 313.664.7675

Nadine Ashton
Associate Provost 
T. 313.664.1495


Board of Trustees

Keith E. Crain, Chair
Lynn F. Alandt, Vice Chair
Alphonse S. Lucarelli, Secretary
James H. Vandenberghe, Treasurer
Robert H. Bluestein
Thomas C. Buhl
Darrell Burks
Moray Callum
Frank Campanale
Thomas Celani
Lois Pincus Cohn
Gary L. Cowger
KC Crain
Matthew P. Cullen

Linda Dresner
Nicole Eisenberg
David T. Fischer
Alfred J. Fisher III
Nathan M. Forbes
Mara Ghafari
Ralph Gilles
Nancy Grosfeld
Sheila F. Hamp
David M. Hempstead
John W. Ingle III
Danialle Karmanos
Don Manvel
James M. Nicholson
William U. Parfet

Sandra E. Pierce
Stephen R. Polk
Waltraud E. Prechter
John Rakolta, Jr.
Michael T. Ritchie
Richard L. Rogers, President
Sydney L. Ross
Lloyd A. Semple
Michael Simcoe
Anthony L. Soave
Eleanor F. Sullivan
William S. Taubman
Nancy Tellem
Molly P. Valade
Edward T. Welburn, Jr.

Board of Advisors

The College has a Board of Advisors consisting of 18 individuals; they are a mix of people with professional experience relevant to the College’s programs and civic leaders whose judgment is valuable to the College. They meet three times a year with members of the leadership team and the Board of Trustees to share useful insight into the College’s programs and outreach activities.

Kenneth H. Walker, Chair
James F. Dicke II
Jennifer Fischer
James B. Gubelmann
Denys Lapointe 

Jill Lerner
Jason Mayden 
Ken Nisch
Elena Patterson

Deborah Royce
Neil Tardio 
Michael Thoresen 
John J. Winch