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Sustainability at CCS

CCS is actively working toward creating a better future. One of the ways we are tackling change is through sustainability and environmental action. We are far from perfect but are doing our best to enact change and continue forward momentum for the sake of our planet.

2021-2022 Statistics

During this past year, the CCS community has recycled a total of 148,380 pounds or 74.19 tons!

Gallons of Oil

Pounds of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Trees Saved

Gallons of Water

Current Sustainability Efforts at CCS

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CCS Climate Pledge

In the 5 years since the Paris Agreement was signed, over 4,000 non-federal leaders have made progress toward a more inclusive, resilient, zero-carbon America. College for Creative Studies is proud to join the call for a national mobilization on climate action and clean recovery:

Green recycling arrows pointing to each other to form a triangle with a milk jub, can, paper and bottle across the center. It says Recycle @ CCS


Recycling Program

Easily identifiable trash and recycling containers are located throughout both campuses and in the dorms. By using a single-stream recycling system, we are able to collect clean plastics, paper, cardboard, and tin in one container.  It is important that the whole campus is involved in the recycling program to ensure success. Recycling is available for the following materials:

      • Cardboard
      • Confidential shredding 
      • Electronics 
      • Paper
      • Plastics
      • Tin

LED Program

The Facilities team has changed each of the following areas to LED lighting. This lighting technology is more energy-efficient and the LED bulbs last longer, causing less waste.

      • Taubman Center and Ford Campus parking decks
      • Taubman Center A stairwell
      • Taubman Center 7th floor Hub
      • Taubman Center 8th floor
      • Kresge Ford all hallways
      • Ford Café
      • Manoogian Visual Resource Center Alumni hallway
      • Walter B Ford all hallways and Hubs
      • Art Centre Building all lights are LED

Water Fill Stations

In the interest of eliminating the use of disposable plastic, CCS has added water fill stations to the following areas. Students and staff can now bring their own reusable water bottles to refill.

      • Yamasaki 1st floor
      • Walter B Ford 1st floor
      • Walter B Ford 2nd floor
      • Walter B Ford 217
      • Kresge Ford Café
      • Kresge Ford basement
      • Kresge Ford 4th floor


Paperless Work Order System

Going paperless for work orders decreases paper waste and saves trees.

Building Management System

      • Taubman Center and Ford campus controls for HVAC and lighting

In the Works at CCS

Design for Climate Action MA/MFA

Launching in the Fall of 2023, CCS is taking its climate and environmental commitment to a new level. Not only will we be striving to make a change with our actions on campus, but we will be training future leaders in zero-waste materials and processes, circular economies, civic infrastructures, and environmental stewardship. At the program’s heart is the drive to bring about change in existing systems and transition to structures that reverse global heating and uphold climate justice and global equity.

Design for Adaptation Cumulus Conference

For the second time in the 30-year history of Cumulus, the conference comes to North America and CCS will be the host. Cumulus Conference 2022 will explore what role designers play in fostering Adaptation through a wide range of approaches, methods, visions, and experiments that draw on Adaptation to reduce vulnerabilities and foster resilience for any community, big or small.

Future LED Programs

      • Kresge Ford Classrooms
      • Walter B Ford classrooms
      • Taubman Center B & C Stairwells

Water Fill Stations

Fill stations are being completed for:

      • Taubman Center 2nd floor
      • Taubman Center 6th floor
      • Taubman Center 11th floor 

Bookstore Bags

      • The Bookstore plans to switch from plastic bags to paper bags
A certificate of achievement for the college for creative studies sustainability efforts from the michigan recycling coalition and Living Green science organizations