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Maybe you’ve had a lifelong desire to blow glass but never had a chance to explore it. Or you’re considering turning a hobby into a second career. Whether your motivation is personal satisfaction or your career, we offer non-degree courses that will help you explore your interests or hone your skills. And we’ll do so with instructors who are experts in their fields.

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Teachers can earn MI State Board of Education approved SCECHs (State Continuing Education Clock Hours) for their certification renewal and maintenance.

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Non-credit Courses

Whether you've taken classes here before, or are a first time novice, CCS has non-credit courses that will fit your interests and experience level. 

Credit Courses

Adults can also choose to enroll in credit bearing undergraduate program courses, which can be audited or taken for credit. Course listings and fees are published in the CCS Course Schedule .

Summer 2015
Course Offerings

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  1. Beginning Web Design
  2. Design Your Line
  3. Digital Photography Basics
  4. Drawing in Pen and Ink
  5. Glassblowing
  6. Interior Design
  7. Weavers Tool Box-Warp Painted Weaving
  8. Welded Metal Sculpture

This course is for students with limited knowledge of Web design. It provides an introduction to the process and design theories. Through practical hands-on instruction, you will learn how to design and build your own Web site and place it on the Internet using software and basic HTML fundamentals. Participants must have a working knowledge of computers and basic Photoshop skills.


Utilize the principles of rendering color, texture, and proportion to draw the fashion figure, sketch garment designs, and incorporate fabrics to design your own unique fashion line.

Taubman Center
Saturday, 10am- 2pm (6 sessions)
May 23-June 27

This course covers the primary mechanical and conceptual differences between digital and traditional 35 mm cameras. Students learn to apply traditional photography principles to a digital medium.

AVIS 300 A
Taubman Center
Thursday, 6-8:45pm
May 21- June 25 (6 sessions)

Ink drawing is a smart way to transition from drawing to painting. Learn principles of darks and lights to create depth and structure to your work. Bring an 18”x24” drawing pad and pencil to the first class.

ADRW 234 A
Taubman Center
Saturday, 10am-2pm
May 23-June 27 (six weeks)

Learn the magic of shaping hot glass. This course, open to both beginning and advanced students, teaches the glassblowing techniques required to create vessels and sculptural forms. Advanced students refine their skills and learn more advanced techniques. Please wear a long-sleeve shirt and bring sunglasses to the first class. Enrollment is limited to 10 students per section.

AVIS 285 A
Ford Campus
Saturday 9am-1pm
May 23-June 27, 2015 (six sessions)

Explore the field of interior design and the methods used by professions to create physically, visually and intellectually appealing and inviting spaces. Student can use their own living spaces to investigate design challenges.

ADRW 261 A
Taubman Center
Saturday 10am-2pm
June 6-27 (4 sessions)

What makes good design? Through a series of in-class assignments and critiques, students will develop the ability to make communication decisions that consider audience, content, sequence and creative methodologies used in creating unique and powerful visual communication solutions.

GRC 200 A
Taubman Center
Thursday, 7 – 9:45 p.m.
February 26 – April 16, eight sessions

Both beginning and more experienced students explore the basic metal shop techniques of welding, brazing, cutting and forming, and use them to build metal sculptures. Projects are tailored to each student’s skill level, and student-initiated projects are encouraged. Students will receive a materials list during the first class.

AVIS 056 A
Ford Campus
Wednesday 7:15-10pm

May 20-June 24, 2015 (six sessions)

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