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Graduate Studies

Design for Climate Action

Graduates of the CCS program in Design for Climate Action
will think and work creatively with sustainable systems and
processes in order to address the climate change emergency.

The Program

Open to designers, makers, artists, architects, engineers, and systems planners, the Design for Climate Action MA and MFA programs foster an understanding of zero-waste materials and processes, environmental and biophilic interventions, community co-design initiatives, and circular economic thinking.

In the heart of Detroit, a city rejuvenating from the ground up, students work on projects that mirror real-life challenges. As they pursue solutions that are design-driven and, where possible, use stakeholder co-design, they further their knowledge and skills—as well as their understanding of community engagement.

Design for Climate Action is currently a STEM-designated program. International students completing this program qualify to apply for the STEM OPT (optional practical training) extension.

Degrees Offered

The 30-credit MA (initial degree) is the first year of the 60-credit MFA (terminal degree), with classes focusing on professional and technical skills and knowledge. During the second year, students embark on an independently defined critical enquiry.
leaves with a circle chart including fire, icebergs and sunsets

Demand for sustainable design will only increase as the world continues to shift to non-polluting, carbon offsetting processes and systems. The latest report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world’s leading authority on climate science, unequivocally states that the climate crisis is caused by humans, and will certainly worsen without urgent action. Through creative leadership and innovative practical approaches, graduates of the Design for Climate Action program can help businesses and corporations in a wide range of fields further their commitments to reduce global warming and slow the climate crisis.


Creative Design Agencies
Businesses and Corporations
Local and National Government
NGOs and Charities
Social Entrepreneurship
Academic Research (PhD)

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