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SYSTEMS DESIGN THINKING (formerly Integrated Design)

If design can do its part in saving the world, it’s time to re-evaluate our tools and change our methodologies. In the Systems Design Thinking program, you will re-and up-skill your design competence to meet each new challenge.

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In the Systems Design Thinking program, you will design initiatives and projects in a forward-looking, inclusive, and systematic way balancing big picture thinking and maintaining the user focus. Is your portfolio demonstrating versatility, critical thinking, rigor, point of view, and accomplishment working with visualizations media? If yes, join us!

Systems Design Thinking will be a STEM-designated program for students starting in the fall of 2021. New international students completing this program will qualify to apply for the STEM OPT (optional practical training) Extension.

hands pointing to a service design experience map with students in the background

Service Design: Experience Mapping

Students strengthen their ability to leverage the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow in the face of climate change and other issues facing our planet.

In the Systems Design Thinking program, you will become an expert in understanding emotional intelligence, social influence, and service orientation.  You’ll learn a great deal about a relatively small numbers of users, and what makes them different, trying to enhance people’s psychological assets, values and aspirations. You will cultivate a participatory mindset and you will up-skill your design process with skills as such as facilitation, visualization, and modeling.

Your experience will be uniquely shaped by being in Detroit, the only UNESCO City of Design in U.S.A.


UX Designer
User Researcher
User Interface Designer
Product Designer (UX)
Service Designer
Industrial Designer Lead

We believe that the key of excellence is having open doors, open hearts, and open minds. Our commitment to diversity is real. We cultivate a participatory mindset, and we design for the 99%. We don’t work on unreal assumptions or idealized stereotypes. You will learn a great deal about relatively small numbers of people concentrating on what makes them different. You will try to enhance people’s physical and psychological assets building on what individual people or communities have to offer.

Your learning will be elevated by the interaction between students with different worldviews. You will be better at managing the type of contradiction, complexity, or iteration that real life demands, and you will belong to a group of successful alumni.

Featured Projects

Intro cell phone with app displayed Belfug Sener Intro bike deliver model Pen Zhan Intro Berenice Lopez Sanchez

Featured Alumni


Morgan Phillips

Strategic Research Manager
Ford Motor Company


Alejandra Castelao

Senior Industrial Designer


Dongha Lee

Studio Design Manager
Kohler Co.


Muyao Ding

Senior Product Designer


Hakha Mashayekhi

Product Designer


Zhenmin Li

UX Designer


Qi Xing

UX Designer
Tata Technologies


Belfug Sener

Senior User Experience Designer
Motorola Solutions


Kailin Wang

UX/UI Designer
GEELY Design Global


Connor Bade

UX Designer
IHS Markit


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